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  • Natural Farming

    Natural farming is a closed system, one that demands no human-supplied inputs and mimics nature.
  • Farm Fresh

    Sourced directly from farmers in and around Bangalore city.
  • Economical

    No agents. No brokers. No retailers. No shop margins.
  • Fruits

    Fresh, seasonal, local, native fruits
  • Vegetables

    Organic, Farm Fresh, Natural, Local, Native Vegetables
  • Fruits

    Fresh, seasonal, local, native fruits
  • Economical

    No agents. No brokers. No retailers. No shop margins.
  • Home Delivery

    Delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore, twice a week.
  • Organic

    100% Natural. 0% Pesticides. 0% Chemical Fertilizers.

Top Products

₹65.00 - ₹85.00

Organic, Pesticide-Free, Guaranteed!

We don’t know about you. We certainly don’t like the daily chore of cleaning greens from the weeds. Receive cleaned vegetables from Farm Fresh Bangalore.

Farm Fresh

Extraordinary results come from simple efforts. With the support of our CityZen community, we can supply vegetables, fruits, and groceries, to the entire city directly from Natural and Organic Farms around it. Together, we can! With Love, Farm Fresh Bangalore
Seasonal Fruits
Tender Greens
Fresh Vegetables

My Child's Health is my Priority

Often, we don’t think about the chemicals and pesticides in the vegetables, fruits, and groceries we buy every day. We don’t realize the impact this has on us either. Farm Fresh Bangalore brings a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and groceries all grown organically or using natural farming techniques, free of chemicals and pesticides
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